Date: 10/24/2020 – Weight: 135.8 – Waist: 27


Dear Future Heaven,

What a day! You were kind of an emotional basket case today. You cried multiple times. There’s a stirring in your heart, a rumbling beneath the surface. It’s like things are shifting, similar to an earthquake. All these years of pain and shame and regret are coming to a head. God is going to make something beautiful and priceless from them.

Kintsugi – using precious metal to fix brokenness

The coolest thing happened. I was listening to a podcast while prepping some food, and the guest got me all hyped up. So, I paused the podcast and got my Bible. It’s been so long that I didn’t know where to start. So, I thought, “Esther, I love Esther. I’ll start there”. I flipped to Esther, but saw Nehemiah and felt a strong pull to read Nehemiah. I kept it open to that, started the podcast again, and prepped the rest of the food I was working on. Not even a minute into the show she starts talking about Nehemiah! I halted. Set everything down. Paused the dang podcast again and cried. God has been speaking to me like that all day in small ways. It is incredible and so refreshing to know He still cares about me.

Was today a success? Yes.

~BodyCombat was fun; doing it again tomorrow.

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