Date: 10/25/2020 – Weight: 135.6 – Waist: 27


Dear Future Heaven,

Today was good. Emotional again, but good. The message at church had me crying. It was about hate, anger, resentment and how to deal with it. Afterwards I went to the Outlets at Tejon and found a super cute jean jacket for $33!!! I also got a pair of legging/joggers and a shirt.

Body Combat was fun this morning. I tried doing yoga for my second workout but I ended up only being able to do 19 minutes, then I walked the rest of the time.

This last bit of time has been the most challenging by far. I’m so mentally drained on one hand, and yet it also feels like it’s all so normal on the other hand. I’m excited to finish, take a break, and see what sticks!

I like the structure, so I plan to keep at least some of that forever.

The kids are back and Mike is home for the evening. God is good and I’m grateful.

Was today a success? Yes.

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