Date: 10/27/2020 – Weight: 135.0 *I DID IT!* – Waist: 27


Dear Future Heaven,

Thank you for doing this for me. Thank you for caring enough to show me what tough love looks like. You admitted to failure. You didn’t let it destroy you or control you. You took control of your choices and thoughts. You did hard things until they became easy. I want you to know that this season was a defining one for you. As you heal and begin living in the fullness of who you were made to be, remember this time. Remember how hard you worked and how much you surrendered.

Today’s workouts were good. I got most of my stuff done. I need to film for the Academy tomorrow. Attack list ready! LET’S GO!

I had some really important and draining conversations with my kids. It’s hard being a mom, man!

Was today a success? Yes.

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