Date: 10/30/2020 – Weight: 135.0 – Waist: 27


Dear Future Heaven,

What a journey! 90 days of doing the same thing, eating the same food, drinking 1 gallon of water. 90 days of watching my progress… my body change and my mind shift drastically. I could write a book!

Actually, I’m going to! I’m going to write a rough draft and send it to anyone who will publish it… or maybe I’ll figure out how to self-publish. I won’t know unless I try. And even if it never gets widely published, it will be so good for my soul to walk through the healing process.

I am so proud of myself for going on this journey and completing it. 100% effort everyday. Being intentional everyday. Knowing that I can do hard stuff and anything I set out to do. I am truly amazing.

The kids and I got to SLO to visit Mike for his last weekend there. They all had sushi for dinner… I watched and drank the rest of my water. Those are the moments that make me better, stronger, resilient.

90 days of hard… and I’m not stopping. I’m getting better every day.

Was today a success? Yes! I got a lot done, and packed and traveled to SLO.

Watch 90 days of hard work in 37 seconds

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